Tour the HoloLens interface

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Ready to step into the world of holograms? Here's some info to get you oriented.

Discover mixed reality

On HoloLens, holograms blend with your physical environment to look and sound like they're part of your world. And even when holograms are all around you, you can still see your surroundings, move freely, and interact with other people and objects. We call this experience "mixed reality."

The holographic frame positions your holograms where your eyes are most sensitive to detail, and the see-through lenses leave your peripheral vision unobscured. With spatial sound, you can pinpoint a hologram even if it’s behind you. And because HoloLens learns and understands your environment, you can place holograms on and around real objects—and so can your apps and games. So a character in a game might sit down on your sofa, or space robots could bust out of your walls.

Holograms and apps

You'll find your apps on the Start menu (and more in the Microsoft Store). Using apps on HoloLens is a little different from on a PC: once you open an app, you'll need to place it in your world to run it. Place it wherever you'd like—pin it to a wall, set it on a countertop, or let it float in the air. Once you've placed an app, it will stay put until you remove it, but you can move or resize it at any time.

Some apps use a 2D view and look like windows, while some—called holographic apps—surround you and become the only app you see. Even when you're using a holographic app that fills the entire room, though, you'll still be able to see your physical surroundings.

Gaze, gesture, voice

Instead of pointing, clicking, or tapping, you'll use your gaze, your voice, and hand gestures to select apps and holograms and to get around HoloLens. We'll walk you through the basics the first time you use your HoloLens. You'll also find a gesture tutorial on your Start menu—look for the Learn Gestures app.

The clicker

The HoloLens clicker gives you another way to interact with holograms. Pair it with your HoloLens and then use it along with your gaze to select, scroll, and more.