View and share photos and videos

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Show off your HoloLens photos and videos to your friends.

See your photos and videos

Use the bloom gesture to go to Start, and then select the Photos app.

Bloom animation

The Photos app will open to Collection view, where you'll see photos and videos from your HoloLens. 

To see your photos from OneDrive, select More  > Settings , and then turn on Show my cloud-only content from OneDrive. (You'll need to sign in to the Photos app with your Microsoft account, if you haven't already.)

To pin a photo or video in your world, open it, then select Place in mixed world .  Use tap and hold to move it to where you want it.

Share photos and videos

To share images to a social network, in Collection view, tap and hold the photo you want to share, then select Share. Select Share Assistant, then select the app you want to share to.

You can also share directly from the camera app right after you take a photo—select Share  at the top of the image.