Spaces on HoloLens

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HoloLens blends holograms with your world, mapping your surroundings to remember where you place your apps and content. 

Tips for setting up your space

HoloLens works best in certain kinds of environments. Choose a room with adequate light and plenty of space. Avoid dark spaces and rooms with a lot of dark, shiny, or translucent surfaces (for instance, mirrors or gauzy curtains).

Mapping your space

When HoloLens starts mapping your surroundings, you'll see a mesh graphic spreading over the space.

To help HoloLens learn a space, walk around the space and gaze around you. Air tap in a space to light up the mesh and see what's been mapped.

If your space changes significantly—for example, if a piece of furniture is moved—you might need to walk around the space and gaze around you so HoloLens can relearn it.