Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10

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If you’re trying to connect to a Bluetooth device and run into problems, here are some steps to try to get things working again.

Things to try first

When Bluetooth doesn't work or the Bluetooth icon is missing

If Bluetooth isn't working after following the steps in the first section, you might have one of these common problems:

  • The Bluetooth icon is missing or Bluetooth can't be turned on or off. 
  • Bluetooth doesn't work after installing an update for Windows 10.
  • Bluetooth doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.
  • Bluetooth doesn't appear in Device Manager, and there are no unknown devices listed.

If any of these scenarios sounds like the problem you're having, try following the steps below.

Troubleshoot problems with Bluetooth accessories

If you can turn on Bluetooth but are having problems pairing or using a Bluetooth accessory, see the instructions below, which can help you troubleshoot common problems with Bluetooth accessories.

You should also check your device manufacturer's website, especially if Bluetooth devices besides the one you're having problems with are working. The device manufacturer will likely have more detailed, product-specific information and troubleshooting steps. 

If you've tried the steps in this article or don't see a solution to the problem, use Windows Feedback Hub to file a bug. This helps Microsoft determine the root cause of this issue.

Include details about what you were doing or specific steps you were taking when the bug occurred. For example, if you started having Bluetooth problems after updating Windows or changing Windows versions, include this information.

Open the Feedback Hub