Add a Surface Hub to a meeting

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If you’ve scheduled a meeting but forgot to add the Surface Hub, no problem. Just add it to your meeting. Open Outlook (either the program or go to Outlook online) on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Open your meeting, and select the Surface Hub from the available rooms.

Selecting a Surface Hub in an Outlook meeting invitation

If you’d also like to add a Skype for Business (or Lync) call, select Skype Meeting (or Lync Meeting) to add it.

The Skype Meeting button in Outlook

Add any other info to the meeting invite, and then select Send.

An invitation to a Skype Meeting in Outlook

Another way to add a Surface Hub to a meeting is to add the Surface Hub to a Skype for Business call. Join the meeting from your laptop, tablet, or phone, add the Surface Hub to the call, and then answer the call on the Surface Hub. If the meeting didn’t include a Skype for Business call, start one using Skype for Business on your device, and invite the Surface Hub.