Resume a meeting or session

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Let’s say you have an all-day meeting and you want to break for lunch. You can simply leave the room. The Surface Hub will return to the welcome screen. When you return, you’ll see your meeting on the Surface Hub. To get going again, select Resume last session.

Resuming a meeting or session from the welcome screen

If your meeting includes a call and you want to take a break, you can hang up the call. When you resume your meeting, just select the Rejoin meeting button in Skype for Business to rejoin the call.


  • If you’re concerned about privacy, or are working on something confidential, it’s important to know that anyone can resume your session from the welcome screen and see what you were working on or send or save your files.

  • If you join a different scheduled meeting from the welcome screen instead of selecting Resume last session, all of the files and other info from that session will be completely removed from the Surface Hub.

The Surface Hub might automatically pause if you’re not using it for a while. If this happens during your session, select Resume last session from the welcome screen to keep working.