Using apps

Is van toepassing op: Surface Hub

Here are some tips on how to use apps on the Surface Hub:

Switching between open apps

If you have more than one app open, quickly switch between them with the Task view button. It's at the bottom of the touchscreen.

Task view button

When you're in Task view, just select the app you want to switch to. The other apps will still be open and you can switch back to them in the same way. Or, if you want to use more than one app on the screen at the same time, drag the first app you want to one side of the touchscreen and it'll snap into place. Then, drag the other app to the other side.

Using apps full-screen

To make an app full-screen, select the double-arrow button in the app's title bar.

The double arrow button in an app''s toolbar.

When you’re done using the app full-screen, swipe up from the bottom of the touchscreen or down from the top of the touchscreen, and then select Exit full screen.

The Exit full screen button.

Using apps side by side

Apps open side by side by default so you can take advantage of the large touchscreen and work in multiple apps at the same time. To resize the apps when they’re side by side, drag the bar in between the apps to change the app width.

Resizing apps that are side by side