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How do I get apps from the Windows Phone Store?
Where's the App list?
Where are my games?
Why don't I see an app that I downloaded from the Store?
Where do apps and games appear after I download them?
How do I update an app I own?
How can I tell if an app has requirements?
How do I delete apps and games I own or reinstall them?
How do I know that an app will work on my phone?
What are Live Apps?
What does it mean if an app is unavailable for my phone?
What suggestions will I see in the Store?
How do I fix payment issues?
How can I get apps if I'm blocked by My Family settings?
How do I free up space so I can download more apps and games?
I'm having problems with an app I downloaded. What should I do?


Article ID: 11695 - Last Review: 17 ሜይ 2016 - Revision: 19

Windows Phone 8.1