Share content that’s saved online

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ Surface Hub

If you’ve saved content to an online storage service, you can open the files on the Surface Hub. Here’s how:

  • If your files are on OneDrive, select Start > All apps > OneDrive. Sign in to get to your files.

  • If you use Microsoft Office 365, open the app you want—Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Sign in with your account info. Then, open the file you want to work on.

  • If you use a different online storage service (like Dropbox) open the Microsoft Edge browser, enter the address for the service you use, and sign in. You’ll be able open your files from the Surface Hub.

When you’re done with the Surface Hub, select End session. All of your account info will be cleaned up from the Surface Hub so other people using it can't see any of your account info or access your online files. Learn more about what happens when you’re done with the Surface Hub.

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