Add features with extensions

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is already great for browsing the web, but now extensions help you do even more. Extensions are small programs that add features to your browser.

Extensions can:

Give you new ways to interact with the browser. For example, the Mouse Gestures extension lets you navigate the web with a right-click and a flick of the mouse.

Work quietly in the background. This includes extensions to block most ads from appearing.

Add buttons to do more on a particular page. With this sort of extension, you can add a button to translate a page, or share on social media sites.

Find and add extensions

To find extensions and add them to your browser, select Microsoft Edge on the Windows taskbar, then select Settings and more  > Extensions. After you’ve installed an extension, follow the on-screen instructions to turn it on in Microsoft Edge.

Keep your extensions front and center

Select Settings and more > Extensions to see all your extensions. Use an extension often? To keep it handy, select (or right-click) the extension, and then select Show button next to the address bar.