Save places in Maps

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ Windows 10

With Maps in Windows 10, you can save favorite places like your home or work, and create collections of places you want to remember later, like sights to visit on your next vacation, restaurants to try, or great hiking trails.

Select the Start button, then select Maps to get started.

For more help with Maps, see Quick start: Maps app (PDF, English only).

View favorites and collections

Select Saved places to see all your favorites and collections.

View of favorites and collections in the Maps app

Your home, work, and car are always at the top of favorites, so you can quickly get directions to them from anywhere.

Create a collection

Saving places in collections can help you organize a trip or activity. Here’s how to create a new collection.

  1. Select Saved places > Collections > New collection .

  2. Give it a name, add a description if you like, and select Save.

  3. Select the collection, then Add a place to start building your collection.

Search, then save

Add any search result to your favorites or a collection.

  1. Select Search and type a name or address.

  2. Select the location you want in the search results.

  3. In the details pane, select Save , and choose where you want to save it—in Favorites, a collection you created earlier, or a new collection.

Image showing the button you use to save a place in Maps

Drop a pin

If you see a location that you want to save on the map, just press and hold (or right-click) the location, then select Drop a pin.

image of right-click menu in Maps

Once your pin is dropped, select Save in the details pane, and then choose Favorites or a collection where you want to save it.