Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ Windows 10

When you set up Windows Mixed Reality or run the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app on your computer, you'll get a report on whether your PC is ready to run it. Here are some details on what you might see. 

Just show me the specs

 You're good to go

Good news—your PC can run Windows Mixed Reality. But keep in mind that there's still variation among computer hardware and configuration, so the mixed reality experience might not be the same on every PC. 

 Supports some features

Your PC should be able to run some Windows Mixed Reality experiences, but might not provide the best possible experience. Graphics might lag, some apps and games might not perform well, and some might not run at all. 

Here are the messages you might see, and what to do about them:

 Can't run mixed reality

Here are the messages you might see, and what to do about them:

Getting the best performance

Some hardware configurations might cause performance problems with Windows Mixed Reality. For problems like slow loading, choppy visuals, or poor visual quality, try these common fixes:

  • Close any open apps running on your PC desktop.
  • If you’re using a USB-C or DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, try a different one. See recommended adapters
  • If there are extra monitors connected to the PC’s graphics card, disconnect them.
  • Try downloading some different mixed reality apps from the Windows Store—some may work better with your computer setup.