Family features on Microsoft Launcher

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ የMicrosoft መለያ

Microsoft Launcher brings popular Microsoft apps and services to your Android device, including family features and settings. With Microsoft Launcher installed on your family's devices, you can set app limits, see your kids' locations on a map, and get reports about app activity.


How to set up family features

  1. Have your child install Microsoft Launcher on their Android device. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on the device.
  2. After your child installs Launcher, have them sign in with their Microsoft account.
  3. They'll be asked to give Launcher permission to a few things during setup. If they missed those, go to the Launcher feed from your child's device, then go to the Family card and find the feature with an error. Turn on all needed permissions.

  4. To turn on app limits, see Set app limits across your kids' devices.

Troubleshoot Microsoft Launcher

If you're having trouble with Microsoft Launcher, see some troubleshooting topics below for help.