Sync your Outlook calendar to Windows Phone


This article helps you sync calendars to your Windows Phone from Outlook so you can access all of your meeting and appointments in the Calendar app.

Note You cannot use a USB cable to sync your calendar from Outlook on your computer to your Windows Phone.

To sync your calendars, transfer them to a Microsoft account (such as Hotmail or, and then sync your calendars from your Microsoft account to your phone.

Once you've done this, Windows Phone uses your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection keep your calendar appointments synced between your Microsoft account to your phone. This means your information is always current and backed up.

What To Try

Sync your Outlook calendar

This article provides two procedures for syncing your calendar: one for those who use Outlook with Microsoft Exchange, and one for those who use Outlook without Microsoft Exchange. If you already know which you use, you can go ahead and select the appropriate procedure. If you don't already know, click your version of Outlook here, and then follow the steps to find out.

Note If you use Outlook 2003 and need to determine whether you use Outlook with Exchange or not, select Outlook 2007 below.

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Now that you have determined whether you use Outlook with Exchange or Outlook without Exchange, select the appropriate procedure below.

If you use Outlook with Exchange
If you use Outlook without Exchange

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