The Office Word title bar displays "[Compatibility Mode]"


When you open a Microsoft Word document, the Word title bar displays the following text:

[Compatibility Mode]
Compatibility mode was introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office system to offset compatibility issues between the 2007 Office system and earlier versions of Office. Compatibility mode makes sure that content that is created in the 2007 Office system or in the 2010 Office system can be converted into a form that earlier versions of Office can use. 

For more information, visit the following Microsoft website:

Compatibility mode in the 2007 Office system
In Microsoft Word 2010, you may be in Compatibility mode when you open documents that were created in Word 2007 or earlier versions of Word. You can determine the mode of a document by using the Compatibility Checker. On the File menu, click Info, and then under Check for Issues, click Check Compatibility. [Editor note: Is this really "Info," or is it actually "Information"? Please verify.] If only Word 2003 is selected in the Select versions to show list, Word is in Word 2003 Compatibility mode. If only Word 2007 is selected in this list, you are in Word 2007 Compatibility mode.

Some features that are not supported in earlier versions of Word are disabled in Compatibility mode. For more information about these features, visit the following Microsoft website:

To convert the document to Word 2010 format and to enable all Word features, click the Convert button on the Info menu.

You can also use the following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to determine the version of the current document:
MsgBox ActiveDocument.CompatibilityMode
This code returns a value of 12 for Word 2007 and a value of 14 for Word 2010.


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