Change map views

Распаўсюджваецца на Windows 10

In the Maps app, you have lots of ways to explore the world using different views——road, aerial, 3D Cities, and Streetside. See live traffic info in road or aerial view, and quickly switch between recent locations or directions using tabs.

Select the Start button, then select Maps to get started.

To change the view, select Map views on the right side of the map, then select Road or Aerial, and turn Traffic on or off.

Or, for a quick view of traffic and how long your commute will take, select the Traffic icon at the top of the map. (Follow the instructions to save your home and work locations, if you haven’t yet). You can even check local traffic cameras from here, where available.

Traffic and Map views buttons in Maps

To take in stunning aerial 3D views of cities around the world, select 3D Cities

3D Cities icon in Maps
at the top, then search for a city or pick one from the list.

List of 3D cities in Maps

To jump into a true-to-life view from the street, search for a place (like “Eiffel Tower, Paris”) and then select Streetside in the info pane for that place. Move around by clicking or tapping where you want to go.

Streetside view

To change the app's colors, select More > Settings, and choose a map theme and app colors under Personalization.

For more help with the Maps app, see Quick start: Maps app (PDF, English only).

Jump between locations with tabs

Each time you search for a location, get directions, or select a favorite, Maps creates a new tab. Select any tab to jump back to that location or set of directions. You can also select Minimize to see more of the map.

Image showing multiple tabs in Maps

Move around the map

To zoom in or out, use the scroll wheel, or the Zoom in + and Zoom out – buttons on the map, or on a touch screen, pinch or stretch the map with your fingers.

To move in any direction, use the arrow buttons, or drag the map where you want it.

To tilt the perspective, select Tilt , or on a touch screen, drag two fingers up or down.

To rotate the map, select the compass icon

the compass icon in Maps
and then select the arrows to rotate in either direction. Or on a touch screen, drag two fingers from side to side.