Play and chat across devices

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When you’re on Xbox Live, it’s easy to meet up with old friends or make new ones. Play, compete, and chat with friends whether they’re on an Xbox One or using Xbox apps on iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Send messages

To send a message to friends on Xbox, select the Start button, then select Xbox . Sign in if you need to, and then select someone from your list of friends. Select Message and type what you want to say. You can also invite them to a party by choosing Invite .

Add friends

If you know a friend's gamertag, open the Xbox app and type your friend's gamertag in the Find people or clubs search box, then press Enter. Select Add friend to add them as a friend on Xbox.

To make new friends, we offer friend suggestions. Suggestions can include people you might already know on Xbox, or fellow gamers who make popular clips or broadcasts about games you like. To add a suggested friend to your list, choose their gamertag and select Add

Image for people and clubs search box in Xbox app

Discover clubs and Looking for Group

Clubs are online meeting places for people to play and socialize. Join clubs that interest you or create a new club (your house, your rules).

Think of Looking for Group as a “players wanted” bulletin board—a way to help you find players on Xbox Live. You can browse posts or create your own—when you've got enough people, start a party and play!