Sync across all your devices

Распаўсюджваецца на Windows 10

Get your music, photos, and files on your PC, phone, and tablet automatically—even if you have an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone, or an iPad. The Microsoft Phone Companion app for Windows 10 will help you get things set up so your content is on all your devices—no cables needed! Download it from Microsoft Store—it's free.

After the app is installed, open Phone Companion by selecting the Start button, and then selecting Phone Companion, or by typing phone companion in the search box on the taskbar.

Selecting your phone or tablet in the Phone Companion app

Your stuff is there on all your devices

Here's what will be available on your PC, your phone, and your tablet once you're all set up:

Photos. With camera upload in the OneDrive app, every photo you take on your phone or tablet will show up automatically in the Photos app on your Windows 10 PC.

Music. Save your music files to OneDrive and play them anywhere.

Notes and Office docs. Take a note in OneNote on your PC, phone, or tablet, and they’ll all be in sync. The same goes for Office docs—no need to move files or merge changes later.

Apps that work everywhere

Microsoft Phone Companion also shows you how to set up other apps that work on your devices:

Cortana. Your digital agent is always with you, ready to help. When you’re on your PC, ask Cortana to remind you to grab some milk at the store, and get a reminder later on your phone when you’re on the way home.

Outlook. Get your email, calendar, contacts, and files from all your accounts in the Outlook app for Android phone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

Skype. Make free video calls and send free messages over Wi‑Fi.