Renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership: a step-by-step guide


Follow these steps to learn how to renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership.

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Is it time to renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership?

Sign in to the “View your membership status” page with your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) affiliated with your Microsoft Partner Network membership.

Your company’s membership date is listed in Step 3. If your membership date is fewer than 90 days away, it’s time to begin your membership renewal.

Who is authorized to renew your membership?

Your company’s Primary Program Contact is usually the person authorized to update your organization’s profile and renew the membership.

You can locate the name of your company’s Primary Program Contact in the Organizations tab on your Individual Account Home page in the Partner Membership Center.

If you are the Primary Program Contact and authorized to renew your company’s membership, use this step-by-step guidance for a smoother renewal.

Step-by-step membership renewal process

  1. Sign in to the Partner Membership Center with your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) credentials.
  2. Confirm the necessary competency requirements have been met and start the renewal process using one of the following two options.
    Option 1: Click the Renew button on the home page of the Partner Membership Center:

    Option 2: Select the Competency Summary link from the Requirements and Assets menu, and then click the blue Re-Enroll button on the right side of the Manage Competencies page.

  3. Review and update your organization profile. You'll be prompted to confirm your company's current profile, or update it as needed. When done reviewing and updating, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Sign and accept the legal agreement.

  5. Pay the annual renewal fee. First select the company's location, then select the renewal level and follow the payment instructions.


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