All about tabs

প্রযোজ্য পণ্যঃ {পণ্য} Windows 10

Ever tried to find a website when you have a ton of tabs open? Microsoft Edge has some tips to help you deal with tab chaos:

Sticky tabs

Pin tabs to keep your favorite sites in the same place every time you open your browser. Press and hold (or right-click) a tab, then select Pin.

Preview pages

See small snapshots of pages by using your mouse to hover over open tabs. Or select Show tab previews to see visual previews of all your open tabs.

Image showing tab previews in Microsoft Edge

Save tabs for later

Save a group of tabs for later by selecting Set these tabs aside . When you’re ready to see them again, select See all your tabs , then select Restore tabs. To add to favorites or share, select More  and then select Add tabs to favorites or Share tabs.

Image showing the Set tabs aside and See tabs you''ve set aside buttons