Save or send your files

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Before you end a meeting or session, it’s very important to save or send any files you want to keep. When you’re done, everything is completely cleaned from the Surface Hub to help protect your privacy and to prepare Surface Hub for the next person.

To send whiteboard files to yourself and other people in the meeting, use the email button in the whiteboard.

The Email button available in the whiteboard

Or, if you're using other apps, look for the share option.

The share button in Microsoft Edge

Select Email on the Share pane.

The Share pane showing options for sharing the whiteboard

Your files will automatically be attached to the message, and the meeting organizer's email address will be in the To: field. Add anyone else you want, and then select Send.

The OneDrive app is another way to save files. Open the app (select Start

Windows key logo
> All apps > OneDrive) and sign in. Choose where in OneDrive you want to save your file, and then select the check mark.

To save files to a USB drive, insert the drive into a USB port on the Surface Hub touchscreen. Then use the Save as option in the app you’re using to save your file to the USB drive.

If you’re working on a file that’s saved to an online storage service (like Dropbox), save the file as you normally would.