Where Do I Go to Make a Claim


This article describes where a partner can access to make a claim.  

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To make a claim follow the below steps:  
  1. ogin into the Microsoft Partner Incentive Experience and select the incentives program tile you want to review.
2. Select your Geography

3. Click on the Create a claim option

4. Enter all required information on the select activity section of the claim form.

5. Read through core requirements and notices and make sure to check the acknowledge checkbox.

6. Enter all required information on the Proof section of the claim form. Guide-me text on the left will identify what is required for each sub-section.

7. Add comments to aid the claim approval process.

8. To save and submit your claim first click on submit claimbutton, and in order to save your progress or the final claim, you can click on save claim button.

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