The staging and the installation of driver packages by using the PnP Utility (Pnputil.exe) in Windows Vista


Windows Vista includes a new utility, the PnP Utility (Pnputil.exe), that you can use to manage the driver store. By using the PnP Utility, you can add driver packages, remove driver packages, and list driver packages that are in the store.

The PnP Utility can be used to stage a driver package in Windows Vista. When you use the PnP Utility to stage a driver package, the actual device does not have to be present. Windows Vista considers that the package is a trusted package after an administrator uses the utility to stage the signed driver package to the driver store. Then, a standard user can connect the device, and Windows Vista silently installs the device.

More Information

For more information about how to use the PnP Utility for printer installation in Windows Vista, visit the following Microsoft Web page:

To view the "Step-by-Step Guide to Device Driver Signing and Staging" document, visit the following Microsoft TechNet Web page:


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