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This article lists the most commonly used Windows Installer resources.

More Information

Windows Installer 2.0

Windows Installer Support Center: Windows Installer SDK documentation on MSDN: SDK Update: Reading and analyzing log files:
See the WiLogUtl.exe tool in the Windows Installer SDK.

Windows Installer examples

Work through the 7 Installation examples in the Msi.chm SDK help file by using the Orca SDK tool and by using the UISample.msi file as a base .msi package to start with (it has the UI already authored in). The help file is located in the Microsoft SDK folder under Help. When working through the examples, concentrate on the following topics:
  • Product codes
  • Package codes
  • Merges and transforms
  • Logging
  • File versioning rules
  • Organizing applications into components

White papers

Version 2.0 White paper:
Windows Installer: benefits and implementation for system administrators
Step-by-step guide:

Side-by-side component sharing

Using isolated applications:
Use isolated applications and side-by-side component sharing to reduce DLL conflicts

.NET Framework

For information about the Setup.exe bootstrapper that describes how to install the .NET Framework and then install your .msi package, visit the following MSDN Web site:
Microsoft .NET Framework setup.exe bootstrapper sample
For information and to download the .NET Framework redistributable, visit the following MSDN Web site:
Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable


Upgrading: Visual Studio Installer (VSI): Patching:



Third-party sites

InstallSite - resources for setup developers: AppDeploy: Wise Solutions - authoring tool: InstallShield - authoring tool: The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

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