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This article lists the keyboard shortcut keys for Internet Explorer 5.5.
You can use shortcut keys to view and explore Web pages, preview pages before you print them, use the Address box, work with favorites, and edit.

How to View and Explore Web Pages With Shortcut Keys

To view and explore Web pages with shortcut keys:
To do this                                Press this key----------------------------------------------------------------------Display Internet Explorer Help or to      F1display context Help about an item in a dialog boxToggle between full-screen and other      F11views in the browserMove forward through the items on a       TAB Web page, the Address box, or the Links boxMove through the items on a Web page,     SHIFT+TABthe Address box, or the Links boxGo to your Home page                      ALT+HOMEGo to the next page                       ALT+RIGHT ARROWGo to the previous page                   ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACEDisplay a shortcut menu for a link        SHIFT+F10Move forward between frames               CTRL+TAB or F6Move back between frames                  SHIFT+CTRL+TABScroll toward the beginning of a          UP ARROWdocument Scroll toward the end of a document       DOWN ARROWScroll toward the beginning of a          PAGE UPdocument in larger incrementsScroll toward the end of a document       PAGE DOWNin larger incrementsMove to the beginning of a document       HOMEMove to the end of a document             ENDFind on this page                         CTRL+FRefresh the current Web page              F5 or CTRL+RRefresh the current Web page, even if     CTRL+F5the time stamp for the Web version and your locally stored version are the same  Stop downloading a page                   ESCGo to a new location                      CTRL+O or CTRL+LOpen a new window                         CTRL+NClose the current window                  CTRL+WSave the current page                     CTRL+SPrint the current page or active frame    CTRL+PActivate a selected link                  ENTEROpen the Search box                       CTRL+EOpen the Favorites box                    CTRL+IOpen the History box                      CTRL+HIn the History or Favorites boxes,        CTRL+clickopen multiple folders					

How to Print Preview With Shortcut Keys

To Print Preview Web pages with shortcut keys:
To do this                                Press this key----------------------------------------------------------Set printing options and print the page   ALT+PChange paper, headers and footers,        ALT+Uorientation, and margins for this pageDisplay the first page to be printed      ALT+HOMEDisplay the previous page to be printed   ALT+LEFT ARROWType the number of the page that you      ALT+Awant displayedDisplay the next page to be printed       ALT+RIGHT ARROWDisplay the last page to be printed       ALT+ENDZoom out                                  ALT+MINUSZoom in                                   ALT+PLUSDisplay a list of zoom percentages        ALT+ZClose Print Preview                       ALT+C					

How to Use the Address Box With Shortcut Keys

To use the Address box with shortcut keys:
To do this                                Press this key-----------------------------------------------------------Select the text in the Address box        ALT+DDisplay a list of addresses that you      F4have typedWhen in the Address box, move the cursor  CTRL+LEFT ARROWleft to the next logical break in the address (period or slash)When in the Address box, move the cursor  CTRL+RIGHT ARROWright to the next logical break in the address (period or slash)Add "www." to the beginning and ".com"    CTRL+ENTERto the end of the text that you type in the Address boxMove forward through the list of          UP ARROWAutoComplete matchesMove back through the list of             DOWN ARROWAutoComplete matches					

How to Work With Favorites By Using Shortcut Keys

To work with Favorites by using shortcut keys:
To do this                                Press this key---------------------------------------------------------Add the current page to your favorites    CTRL+DOpen the Organize Favorites dialog box    CTRL+BMove selected item up in the Favorites    ALT+UP ARROWlist in the Organize Favorites dialog boxMove selected item down in the            ALT+DOWN ARROWFavorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box					

How to Edit With Shortcut Keys

To edit with shortcut keys:
To do this                                Press this key--------------------------------------------------------Remove the selected items and copy them   CTRL+Xto the ClipboardCopy the selected items to the Clipboard  CTRL+CInsert the contents of the Clipboard at   CTRL+Vthe selected locationSelect all items on the current Web page  CTRL+A					
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