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Insert Greeting Line dialog

The Greeting Line helps you set up a customized greeting for your letters.

Greeting line format

The Greeting line format has three parts:

*Beginning    Choose between Dear, To, or none.

Name of person    Choose from a list of formats of the person or persons you're addressing.

*Punctuation    Choose to punctuation the greeting with a comma, semi-colon, or nothing.

*Greeting line for invalid recipient names    If the recipient name in the mailing list is missing or invalid, replace the greeting with this line..

Dear Sir or Madam,

To whom it may concern:


Preview    This displays your greeting using actual names and titles from your mailing list.

Correct problems    If data is missing when you try to set up the greeting, fields like firstname or lastname, you can manually identify which fields go with the address elements in your mailing list.

Match Fields    Opens a dialog to match specific fields in your mailing list to elements that are used in the greeting line. You can set these changes to apply to just this document or the data sources so future mail merges use this changes.

OK    Saves your changes and exits the dialog.

Cancel    Ignores changes made, and exits the dialog.

Greeting line dialog

* These fields can be customized with your own information. For example, instead of "Dear Mr. Randall," you could say "Hi Josh and Cynthia!!!", or if the name's missing, "Hey to whoever's reading this!" Select the field, and type your own text. This change is only valid for the session, and isn't saved. Also if you open the greeting dialog and change something else, it resets all the fields.

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