What's in the box

Gilt für: HoloLens

Here's the lowdown on your HoloLens hardware and how to clean and care for it. Looking for info about how to put on your device and adjust the fit? See Fit your HoloLens.

Illustration of what's in the box

Visor. Contains the device sensors and displays.

Headband. Rotate it up and use the adjustment wheel to expand it.

Device arms. Always use these to pick up, put on, or take off your device.

Micro USB cable. Use this for charging or for connecting your HoloLens to your computer.

Brightness buttons. Located on the left when you're wearing the device.

Volume buttons. Located on the right when you're wearing the device.

Nose pads. Choose the one that works with your nose shape and eyewear.

Overhead strap. This can help keep HoloLens secure when you're moving around, and it may allow you to loosen the headband.

Microfiber cloth. Use it to clean your HoloLens visor.

Power supply. Plugs into a power outlet.

Care and cleaning

Handle your HoloLens carefully. Use the device arms​—not the overhead strap​—to lift, carry, and adjust it. To keep the visor free of dust and fingerprints, avoid touching it. Repeated cleaning could damage the visor, so try to keep your device clean.

Don't use any cleaners or solvents on your HoloLens, and don't submerge it in water or apply water directly to it.

To clean the visor, remove any dust using a camel or goat hair lens brush or a bulb-style lens blower. Lightly moisten the microfiber cloth with a small amount of distilled water, then use it to wipe the visor gently in a circular motion.

Clean the rest of the device, including the headband and device arms, with a lint-free cloth moistened with mild soap and water. Let your HoloLens dry completely before using it again.

Illustration showing how to clean the visor

Cleaning the HoloLens visor