How to manually generate query reports from querylogs in FAST ESP


Query reports can be manually generated from the querylogs from the same environment or from another ESP environment running the same version. If the querylogs are from another system, one must first copy them to the %FASTSEARCH%\var\log\querylogs directory on the system of execution before beginning.
  1. If manually generating query reports for another ESP environment:
    1. Create/copy the same collection and search profiles from the source ESP environment into the destination ESP environment.
    2. Copy the existing querylogs from %FASTSEARCH%\var\log\querylogs from the source ESP environment to %FASTSEARCH%\var\log\querylogs on the destination ESP environment.
  2. Run the downloader command:
    for Windows:
    %FASTSEARCH%\components\logtransformer\bin\launch.bat downloader

    for Linux:
    $FASTSEARCH/components/logtransformer/bin$ ./ downloader
  3. Run the logmerger command:
    for Windows:
    %FASTSEARCH%\components\logtransformer\bin\launch.bat logmerger

    for Linux:
    $FASTSEARCH/components/logtransformer/bin$ ./ logmerger
  4. Run the queryreportgenerator command with a date range covering the desired period for which to generate reports:
    for Windows:
    %FASTSEARCH%\esp4j\bin\queryreportgenerator -s '2008-01-22 00:00:00' -e '2008-01-22 24:00:00'

    for Linux:
    $FASTSEARCH/esp4j/bin/queryreportgenerator -s '2008-01-22 00:00:00' -e '2008-01-22 24:00:00'
The query reports for the specified date ranges will now be generated.

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