How to find the indexer column and row that holds a document


In ESP, one might need to know which indexer column and row contains a specific document in ESP.

Use the indexerinfo command with the hasdocument parameter to see the indexer column and row containing the specific document. The indexerinfo tool contacts the indexer node(s), and provides various types of information about the indexers' state. To find the indexer column and row that a specific ESP document is in, run the below command:
indexerinfo -a hasdocument <internalid>

To find the internalid for a document, submit a query from the qrserver (http://qrserver:15100). The xml search results will show the internalid field for the returned documents.

For example:
C:\>indexerinfo -a hasdocument 93ba912bc6e683e625b873680ee09f0f_collectionname

Column 0, row 0: document '93ba912bc6e683e625b873680ee09f0f_collectionname' found

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