Font of Ribbon in Office is hardcoded


Font of the buttons on the Ribbon in office 2010 and 2007 are hardocded and cannot be changed.

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A user is unable to change the font that is used by default on the Ribbon of Office 2007 applications.


The default font is hardcoded into the ribbon.


Formerly, this was done in Office 2003 and prior versions using a registry key, however, when you attempt to do this now, this is what is encountered:

1.      There is no option in the interface of neither Windows and Office 2007 that allows us to change the font on the Ribbon.

2.      Re-mapping the Segoe font that is used throughout Office 2007 to Arial Black is not possible in 2007 as it was in Office 2003.

No settings done to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

registry key can affect the font on the Ribbon:

FontSubstitutes is a Windows setting and it no longer influences Office settings because it was affecting the printing processes. Changing the mapping should only affect the font that is going to print. Font mapping is made to be able to replace a font that a printer cannot print by a font that the printer is able to print. It is a functionality of the operating system.

In older applications like Office 2003 the system fonts could indeed be used for menu entries but this changed in later versions of Office.

3.      Changing settings from Control Panel – Personalization (Themes, Window Color and Appearance) only affects the size and the color of the text, but not the font.

4.      .xml customization was considered as a workaround, but it was not feasible because it required investing a very high amount of time into developing a file-level solution and the results may be far from user’s expectations and needs.


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