Collect Network Monitor trace files for Lync/Communicator escalations

Network Monitor (NetMon) file captures are very helpful for troubleshooting. In most cases, a NetMon capture helps provide a quicker resolution to a reported issue.

To collect NetMon trace files to send to Microsoft, follow these steps:
  1. Sign out of Lync or Communicator.
  2. Exit Lync or Communicator.
  3. Open Task Manager, and then confirm that Communicator.exe is not running.
  4. From a web browser, do a Bing search for netmon oneclick, or visit the following Microsoft website:
  5. Download and save OneClick_Autorun.exe to your desktop.
  6. Install Network Monitor 3.1 OneClick. To this, run the OneClick_Autorun.exe file.

    Note You may have to right-click OneClick_Autorun.exe, and then click Run As Administrator.
  7. The Network Monitor One-Click Traffic Capture window appears. (This is a Command Prompt window that has a dark red background.) Press Enter on your keyboard to select the default location to save the capture file.)
  8. Restart Lync or Communicator, and then reproduce the problem.
  9. Switch back to the NetMon Command Prompt window, and then press the X key to stop the capture. A Windows Explorer window should open that contains the newly created xOneClick.cap file.
  10. Compress the OneClick.cap file into a single file. It can have any name, but it is best for the name to resemble 050706_<user name>.zip.
  11. Switch back to the NetMon Command Prompt window, and then press any key to unload and close NetMon.

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