FAST/ESP Web Analyzer module dead


The following is seen in the Webanalyzer logs (%FASTSEARCH%\var\log\webanalyzer\): 
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 56, in ?
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 3128, in go
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 3162, in WADriver
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 3305, in ProcessingDriver
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 3884, in ProcessView
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 841, in start
File "C:\d\cruise\builds\active\common\webanalyzer\src\", line 894, in _add_tasks

The following is seen in the all.log (%FASTSEARCH%\var\log\syslogs\):
[2011-07-14 00:57:40] INFO : webanalyzer@AA: systemmsg: WebAnalyzer started (PID: 5164) with 1 workers
[2011-07-14 00:58:01] WARNING : configserver@AA:16005: systemmsg: Module (WebAnalyzer) at is not responding
[2011-07-14 00:58:09] WARNING : nodecontroller@AA:16015: systemmsg: Process webanalyzer was not running, restarting it


This issue is caused by the webanalyzer not shutting down gracefully.  When this happens, there can be problems parsing the cache files (.swp) in %FASTSEARCH%\data\webanalyzer\config when it starts again.


To resolve this issue follow the steps below to clear the cache files:
1.     Stop the Web analyzer:
nctrl stop webanalyzer
2.     Delete or rename the *.xml.swp files located in the %FASTSEARCH%\data\webanalyzer\config\ directory.
3.     Start the Web analyzer:
nctrl start webanalyzer

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