indexingdispatcher does not start up or log anything


After installing an SP4 searchengine patch, the Node Controller continually logs:
indexingdispatcher terminated shortly after starting


The cause can be isolated by running the executable (in this exemple, the indexingdispatcher) via the command prompt as the FAST service user, popping up a dialog box with the following:

Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal ### could not be located in the dynamic link library

The DLL error above indicates that the library expected by the executable version is not present. The searchengine (which includes indexingdispatcher) patch installed requires SP4 as a base ESP version, therefor prior versions, such as SP3, will not have the correct DLL available.


When applying patches, always install the prerequisite service pack first, as well as any 'base' patches indicated by README instructions.

More Information

 If the path environment variable has instead been reset somehow (such that %FASTSEARCH%\bin or %FASTSEARCH%\lib are not present), it is possible to instead receive the message:

This application has failed to start because libraryname.dll was not found.

The symptoms would be identical, with the Node Controller reporting immediate termination, and the error only being seen when running the executable through a command prompt.


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