Troubleshoot problems accessing assessments


Follow the steps in the table below to resolve issues with access to learning activities and assessments in the Partner Learning Center (PLC).

More Information

Issue or error message
Troubleshooting steps
After you have signed in by using your Microsoft account, you are presented with options to “Associate as an Individual” or “Enroll Organization” instead of the Partner Learning Center.
If you are already associated as an individual to the MPN membership of your organization, it is likely that you have signed in with a Microsoft account that is not the one that you used for the association. If you have another Microsoft account, try to sign with it.

If you are not associated to the membership, the select the option on the page to associate as an individual.
“An error has occurred. Please refresh the browser or sign out and try again. If the problem persists, refer to the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.”

Complete basic troubleshooting steps: Clear cache, delete cookies, or try to complete the assessment by using a different computer.
Page does not load. (No error message.)

Follow the same steps for the issue above.
You receive a message that states that your account is currently not active when you try to access the Partner Learning Center.

Contact your Regional Service Center, where an agent will reactivate your account and provide notification upon completion.
Be ready to give the agent the following information:
· Your first and last name
· The email address associated to your Microsoft account
· Your Microsoft account Unique ID, available here.
· The message received when you try to sign in to the PLC

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