Microsoft Band app overview


Explore the features and menus in the Microsoft Band app for your phone.

To use your Microsoft Band, you must have the Microsoft Band app on your phone. If you haven’t installed the app already, see Install the Microsoft Band app on your phone.

When you open the app on your phone, it displays the Home screen. Tap Menu    to see additional menus and settings.

 Home screen

On the Band app’s Home screen, tap Steps
Steps icon
or Calories  Calories burned icon to see detailed info about the steps you’ve taken or the calories you’ve burned during the day.

While you’re viewing your steps or calories, you can scroll down and tap a date to view historical data about activities you track.

Tap an activity like Run
The Run Tile
, Exercise  Exercise Icon, or Sleep  Sleep icon to view a summary and detailed info about your activity.

Tap add and manage tiles at the bottom of the screen to open the Manage Tiles screen. For more info, see Manage tiles and notifications.

Change daily steps and calorie goals

A horizontal bar under your steps and calories graphs shows how many steps you’ve taken or calories you’ve burned as a percentage of your daily or weekly goal.

To change your goals:

  • Tap Edit
    Edit icon
    or the word change and move the white circle to increase or decrease your goal. When you have your goal where you want it, tap Save  Save icon.
Home screen on the Microsoft Band


Tap Menu   to open the menu.

Tap the Menu icon

Menu options
What you can do
Sync icon

Tap to sync the Microsoft Band app with your Band and to sync your data to the cloud.

See the time or date your Band last synced with your phone.

For more info, see Microsoft Band and your data.

Tap to return to the Home screen.

Tap to see a list of recent activities that you tracked with your Band.

Tap any item in the list to see more details.

If you want to see items for only a certain type of activity, like runs, guided workouts, or sleep, tap Filter  

Filter icon
to narrow the list.


Tap to enter personal info like your height and weight. The app uses the info you enter here to calculate things like how many calories you burn.

Find a workout

Tap to find and download guided workouts developed by fitness pros or custom workouts designed by you. For more info, see Guided workouts.

Find a course

Tap to find a supported golf course and sync it to your phone and Band. For more info, see The Golf Tile.

What’s new

Tap to see a description of the latest features and enhancements for the Band app and your Band.


Tap to see your Connected apps, such as RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and HealthVault. For more info, see Connected apps.

My Microsoft Band

Choose a name for your Band and see its serial number and the version number of your Band’s firmware.

Personalize Band

Choose a theme color and wallpaper for your Me Tile.

Manage Tiles

Choose which tiles appear on your Band and the order in which they appear.

Manage additional settings for tiles that support them. You can do things like set whether you want to be notified when a message arrives, write the responses you want to be able to send from your Band, specify the stocks you want to track, and more.

For more info, see Manage tiles and notifications and The tiles on your Microsoft Band.

Replace my Band
Tap to reset your Band. For more info, see Reset Microsoft Band.
My Phone
If you have this option, you can enable your phone’s motion tracking and use it to track your steps when you’re not wearing your Band.
Tap to set the units of measure you want to use for distance, weight, and temperature.
Tap to view info about the app version you have and links to important legal info.
Help & feedback
Tap to get how-to info for your Band and provide feedback about the device.
Sign out
Tap to sign out of your Microsoft Health account.

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