With Microsoft Band, you can view the latest ticker activities. Create a custom watch list of your favorite stocks and indices using the Microsoft Band app and check the latest info with just a glance.

 Set up your Finance Tile watch list

The Microsoft Band app comes with a few popular indices already in the watch list, but you can customize the list and follow up to seven of your personal market favorites. Here’s how:

Create your custom watch list

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2:

Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles > Finance.

Step 3: Tap edit > add more to list.

Edit your Watchlist in Finance Settings
Add to your Watchlist

Step 4: In the search stock name or symbol box, enter a stock name or symbol.
As you type, suggestions matching what you’ve typed will display.

Search stock name or symbol

Step 5: Tap what you want to add and tap Accept
Accept icon

Rearrange or remove items from your watch list

If you want to see the items in your watch list in a different order, you can rearrange them. Here’s how:

  • On the Watchlist screen, tap and hold the Grabber    for the item you want to move, drag and drop it where you want it, and tap Accept
    Accept icon

To remove something from your watch list:

  • On the Watchlist screen, tap Delete
    Delete icon
    next to the item you want to remove and tap Accept
    Accept icon

 View financial updates on your Band

After you set up your watch list, you can view market updates, which are updated every 15 minutes, in the Finance Tile. Here’s how:

Step 1: Press the power button, swipe left, and tap the Finance Tile
The Finance Tile
Step 2:

Swipe left to view the latest updates.
You can also see when the market info was last synced to your Band.

 Turn the Finance Tile on or off

If you don’t see the Finance Tile on your Band, you can turn it on. Here’s how to turn the tile on or off:

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2:

Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles and set Finance to On or Off.
Turning off the Finance Tile disables it on your Band.

To learn more about managing the tiles on your Band and rearranging their order, see Manage tiles and notifications.


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