XADM: W3SVC Logs Event ID 101 in the System Event Log


In the System Event log on a Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, Microsoft BackOffice Server, or Microsoft Small Business Server computer, the following event may be logged after the computer starts:
Event 101
Source: W3SVC
The server was unable to add the virtual root '/Exchange' for the directory 'M:\(Domain Name)\MBX' due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified. The data is the error code.
Similar messages may be logged for the following virtual roots:
/Public (M:Domain Name)\Public Folders
/Exadmin (\\.\BackOfficeStorage)
You may also notice that in the Internet Services Manager, under the default Web site, the Exchange, ExAdmin, and Public virtual directories have a "Stop Sign" icon (which signifies an error state).


This issue may occur if the World Wide Web service (W3SVC) starts before the MSExchangeIS service. The MSExchangeIS service, through the Exchange Installable File System (IFS) service, is responsible for mapping the virtual drive M that enables access to the information store through the file system. Therefore, when the W3SVC checks for the M drive locations specified in the /Public, /Exchange, and /Exadmin virtual roots, it does not find them.

This can also be caused if the Exchange 2000 server has been configured as a Front-end server. If the Storage Groups have been deleted and the Information Store service has been stopped this condition will continue on Front-end servers even after completing the steps in this article.


Despite the logged events and the virtual directories that show an error state in Internet Services Manager, this is not an issue, and the operations of the Exchange Virtual Server is not affected. You can successfully browse the virtual directories in the Internet Services Manager and connect to them by using the Web client.


To change the "Stop Sign" icon for the virtual directories, you can stop and restart the default Web site in the Internet Services Manager.


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