"Request Timed Out" Error Message When Using the Ping Command

Veralteter Haftungsausschluss für KB-Inhalte

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When you use the ping command to send Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets to a remote computer, if the packet is larger than 50 kilobytes (KB) in size, you may receive a "request timed out" error message.

The ping command may be in the following format:

ping computer_name -l 50000
where computer_name is the name of your computer.


This behavior can occur when you use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) network adapter and send large packets or frames of information with connectionless Internet protocols such as ICMP and User Datagram Protocol (UDP).


To resolve this behavior:

  1. Disconnect any additional USB devices (if any) that are attached, and ensure that the USB network adapter is the only connected USB device.
  2. Transfer all additional USB devices to another USB controller's hub.
  3. Attach the USB network adapter to an Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) instead of an Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI).For additional information about supported devices, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    184400 Supported Universal Serial Bus Host Controllers for Windows 98 and Windows Me

  4. Use connection-oriented Internet protocols, such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), to transfer data or test connections.

More Information

Remote Network Device Interface Specification (RNDIS) is the specification that is used for network interface connections across USB.


The RNDIS specification can be found at the following Microsoft Web site:

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