A Description of the Windows Movie Maker Utility

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This article discusses Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, particularly its editing features. Windows Move Maker is a utility that can provide your Microsoft Windows computer system with basic video capture and edit capabilities.

More Information

This utility is based on Direct Show and Windows Media technologies to provide the user with the ability to capture, edit, and re-encode media content into the Windows Media video format, a tightly compressed format which requires a minimal amount of storage space on your computer's hard disk, when compared to other media formats.

Windows Movie Maker has the following editing features:
  • Import and catalog supported video, audio, and still-image files into collections.
  • Reorder clips from a media file and save them as a new movie (a .wmv file).
  • Combine clips from different media files and formats, and re-encode them into one movie (a .wmv file).
  • Create and add a narration track.
  • Add an audio track.
  • Split clips.
  • Combine adjacent clips.

    NOTE: An interactive tutorial and a detailed Help file can assist users to become familiar with Windows Movie Maker. Both of these files can be accessed by means of the online Help files in Windows Movie Maker or from Help and Support in Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

Windows Movie Maker is currently only available as part of Windows Me.

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