Cannot Issue the IISRESET Command with the /timeout:0 Switch


Internet Information Services (IIS) versions 5.0 and later include a utility named IISRESET that gives you the ability to stop and restart IIS without restarting the server. Issuing this command with the /timeout:0 switch requires not only administrator rights on the Web server, but also the advanced Debug Programs user right.

If a user does not have this right, the following error message is returned:
Attempting stop...
Stop attempt failed.
Access denied, you must be an administrator of the remote computer to use this command. Either have your account added to the administrator local group of the remote computer or to the domain administrator global group.


This behavior is by design. When you issue the /timeout:0 switch effectively, IIS kills the running processes. Killing a process requires the Debug Programs advanced user right.


To add the Debug Programs advanced user right, perform the following steps:
  1. In Administrative Tools, open the Local Security Settings Microsoft Management snap-in.
  2. Select the Local Policies container, and then select the User Rights Assignment container. In the right window pane, open the Debug Programs user right.
  3. Verify that the required user account has the Debug Programs user right.

    NOTE: As specified in the user interface, if domain-level policy settings are defined, they override local policy settings. If necessary, make this same change to the required user account in the Domain Security Policy snap-in so that it is also in effect at the local server level.

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