Visio2000: How to Convert Visio Drawings into CAD Format

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You can convert or export Visio drawings into CAD format by using the Save as command. For example, if you work with engineers or customers who have a CAD drawing program, you can create drawings in Visio 2000, and then convert them into CAD format when you send them for review.

You can convert files into the following formats:
  • Autodesk AutoCAD DWG and DXF file formats
  • Bentley MicroStation DGN file format

More Information

Converting drawings works best in one direction: either from CAD format into Visio format, or from Visio format into CAD format. Because each file format supports capabilities that are unique to its program, converting a file only once best maintains data integrity.

For example, if you convert CAD dimension lines into Visio format, the dimension lines lose their formatting, such as fonts, line styles, and fills.

Visio 2000 converts the current Visio drawing page into CAD format. If you have a multipage Visio drawing, you must convert each page separately.

To convert a Visio page:
  1. Go to the Visio drawing page that you want to convert, and then click Save as on the File menu.
  2. Under Save as type, select the CAD drawing file format, for example, AutoCAD Drawing [*.dwg], and then click Save.

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