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The Micrografx FlowCharter 7.0 to Microsoft Visio 2000 File Converter Readmedme.wri file contains supplemental information about installing and using FlowCharter to Visio batch converter.

The "More Information" section of this article contains the complete text of this file, which is included with the FlowConv.exe download.

NOTE: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server users may have difficulty running FlowCharter 7.0 in this environment. Microsoft recommends converting with the Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 operating system.

More Information

Micrografx FlowCharter 7.0 to Microsoft Visio 2000 File Converter Readme


This File Converter is designed to convert Micrografx FlowCharter 7.0 diagrams to Microsoft Visio 2000 SR-1 format. It operates in a batch mode so that it can convert multiple diagrams sequentially. The converted diagrams have the same names as the originals except a .vsd extension replaces the .flo extension. When you open the converted diagrams in Microsoft Visio, you can edit them just as you would any Visio diagram.

System Requirements

  • The converter works only with the Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 operating system.
  • Both FlowCharter and Microsoft Visio must be installed on the computer where the conversion is to occur. The minimum versions of both programs are as follows:
    • FlowCharter 7.0, build 7.00.353 or later. (To verify the build number, right-click on the Flow70.exe icon, choose Properties, click the Version tab, and look under File Version. You can download a Micrografx FlowCharter update at
    • Microsoft Visio 2000 SR-1 Standard, Technical, Professional, or Enterprise edition. (To verify whether or not you have the SR-1 release, start Visio. On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Visio. You can order a CD for the Microsoft Visio SR-1 update at
  • You must have set up at least one printer in the Printers control panel. The File Converter obtains page size information from the printer driver.

Setup Instructions

Installing the converter is simple. Just double-click on the self-extracting FlowConv.exe file you downloaded. This creates a folder named "Flowimport" containing the FlowImport.exe file and this Readme file (Readme.wri). You can place these files anywhere on your computer.

Converting files

To convert Micrografx FlowCharter 7.0 files:

  1. Make sure both Micrografx FlowCharter 7.0 (7.00.353 or later) and Microsoft Visio 2000 SR-1 are installed on your computer. See the system requirements section in the Readme.wri file for details.
  2. Place all of the FlowCharter 7.0 diagrams that you want to convert into a single folder.
  3. Double-click FlowImport.exe to start the batch converter.
  4. Click the Setup tab, and select the following options:
    • For Source folder, type the path to the folder containing all of the FlowCharter 7.0 diagrams to be converted, or click Browse to browse to the folder.
    • For Destination folder, type the path to the folder where you want the resulting Visio diagrams to be copied, or click Browse to browse to the folder. If you want the Visio diagrams to end up in the same folder with the source FlowCharter 7.0 diagrams, leave Destination folder blank.
    • Click to select the Confirm each file conversion check box if you want the converter to ask you for your okay to convert each file.
    • Click to select the Save files in Visio 5 format check box if you want the resulting Visio diagrams to be saved in Visio version 5.0 format instead of Visio 2000 SR-1 format.
    • Click to select the Keep Visio running after conversion check box if you want each resulting Visio diagram to remain open in Visio after it is converted. Otherwise, Visio quits automatically when the conversion is finished.
  5. Click the Logfile tab, and select the following options:
    • Click Save log to specify a file name and location for the log file that is created during the conversion process. The log file lists the name of each converted file, the time taken to convert it, and any problems encountered during the conversion.
    • Click Clear log to remove all log information from the Logfile tab.
    • Click to select the Detailed output format check box if you want the log file to list the complete details of the conversion. Otherwise, the log file provides a brief summary.
  6. Click Start conversion to begin the conversion process. The converter opens and converts the FlowCharter 7.0 diagrams in alphabetical sequence by file name.
  7. Click Stop this conversion to stop the conversion of the current diagram.
  8. Click Stop all conversions to stop the conversion of all the diagrams in the source folder.
  9. Click Exit to shut down the converter.

After you convert

  • Text that is rotated in FlowCharter will convert to horizontal text. You'll need to rotate it again using the Microsoft Visio rotation tool.
  • If each line in a text block in FlowCharter is formatted differently (i.e., has a unique font, style, or size), Microsoft Visio applies the formatting of the first line to the entire text block. You’ll need to reassign the desired formatting to the other lines.
  • Hyperlinks will not convert. Reapply hyperlinks in Microsoft Visio after the conversion is complete.
  • Data Fields in FlowCharter become Custom Properties in Microsoft Visio, but they cannot be displayed next to shapes the way they can in FlowCharter. In Microsoft Visio, you can view the data fields in the Custom Properties window (on the View menu, point to Windows, and then click Custom Properties) when a shape is selected.

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