OFF2000: Liste der in Office 2000 Service Pack 2 behobenen Probleme

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276257 OFF2000: List of Issues Fixed in Office 2000 Service Pack 2


Dieser Artikel enthält eine Liste der Probleme, die durch Office 2000 Service Pack 2 behoben wurden. Weitere Informationen zu Office 2000 Service Pack 2 finden Sie im folgenden Artikel der Microsoft Knowledge Base:
276367 OFF2000: How to Obtain the Latest Office 2000 Service Pack

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246953 BUG: Access 2000 Quit Method Leaves Access Running

Artikel-ID: Q255901
   Titel     : ACC2000: New Data in an ADP File Is Displayed Incorrectly in a
Text Box That Has a Default Value
Artikel-ID: Q257589
   Titel     : ACC2000: Fixed Width Fonts in Reports Are Printed Incorrectly
Artikel-ID: Q269698
   Titel     : ACC2000: Slow Response Opening a Form in Design View
Artikel-ID: Q271249
   Titel     : ACC2000: Cannot Print Non-ASCII Unicode Characters
Artikel-ID: Q276270
   Titel     : DataSourceControl ConnectionTimeOut Property Is Ignored
Artikel-ID: Q280433
   Titel     : ACC2000: Unexpected Project Corruption in Access Database
Artikel-ID: Q280521
   Titel     : ACC2000: "Save Record" Toolbar Button Is Unavailable When
AllowEdits Property Is Set to No (False)
D37769 OFF2000: Sammelmappe stürzt beim Schließen der Seitenansicht ab

Artikel-ID: Q246553
   Titel     : OFF2000: Rendering of Dashed Lines in Embedded Chart or
Graph Is Inconsistent
Artikel-ID: Q252730
   Titel     : XL2000: Justify Command Does Not Insert Spaces Between Text
from Each Cell
Artikel-ID: Q259347
   Titel     : XL2000: Error Message: ORA-00923:FROM Keyword Not Found
Where Expected
Artikel-ID: Q262113
   Titel     : XL2000: Labels on XY Scatter Graphs Disappear in Print Preview
Artikel-ID: Q262472
   Titel     : Graph 2000: Graph Font Changes from Sans Serif to Serif
Artikel-ID: Q262742
   Titel     : XL2000: On Error Resume Next Takes Longer to Run Than in Excel 97
Artikel-ID: Q264517
   Titel     : XL: Linked Charts Lose Custom Colors When You Update Source Data
Artikel-ID: Q264658
   Titel     : XL2000: Format Painter Causes Excel to Stop Responding If Date
Watch Add-in Is Enabled
Artikel-ID: Q264712
   Titel     : XL2000 : Access Violation Error Running VBA Code with UserForm,
SaveCopyAs and Save Functions
Artikel-ID: Q265018
   Titel     : XL2000: Cell Formulas Change When You Copy a Worksheet with an
Embedded Chart
Artikel-ID: Q265023
   Titel     : XL2000: Memory Leak When Excel Calculates User-Defined Functions
Artikel-ID: Q265311
   Titel     : XL: Excel 95 Auto_xxxx Defined Name Values Change When Imported
into Excel 97 or 2000
Artikel-ID: D44269
   Titel     : XL2000: Das Server-Anwendungsprogramm kann beim Öffnen eines
Excel-Objekts nicht gefunden werden
Artikel-ID: Q269071
   Titel     : XL2000: JPN: Excel Crashes When You Type Two-Digit Number and
Artikel-ID: D43046
   Titel     : XL2000: Excel 2000-Update für REGISTER.ID-Anfälligkeit verfügbar
Artikel-ID: Q269521
   Titel     : XL2000: No Error Message Returned to VBA on Failed Save
Artikel-ID: D44335
   Titel     : XL2000: "Möchten Sie die Änderungen in { ? speichern?"
Artikel-ID: Q271900
   Titel     : XL2000: JPN: PivotTable of OLAP Data Does Not Display Data Correctly
Artikel-ID: Q273559
   Titel     : XL2000: Spelling Checker Does Not Offer Suggestions for Some
Misspelled Words That Word 2000 Does
248402 FP2000: Unable to Open a Web in FP2000 Using an IP Address

Artikel-ID: Q251201
   Titel     : FPSE Image Maps Incorrect with Include Page Component
Artikel-ID: Q272091
   Titel     : FP2000: Style Sheet Links Feature Reformats Entire Web If
the Active Page Is an ASP Page
223731 OL2000: Custom Form Converts to a One-Off Form When You Change the Message Options

Artikel-ID: Q238765
   Titel     : OL2000: Some Control Properties Create One-Off Forms
Artikel-ID: Q249318
   Titel     : OL2000: Meeting Information Is Not Updated Correctly
Artikel-ID: Q249319
   Titel     : OL: Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands Do Not Work in a Custom Form
Artikel-ID: Q251934
   Titel     : OL2000: Imported .csv File Does Not Handle X.400 Address Types
Artikel-ID: Q252365
   Titel     : OL2000: Retrieving an LDAP Certificate Through Multiple Levels
of a Certificate Chain
Artikel-ID: Q254502
   Titel     : OL2000: Rules Continue to Run on Personal Folders File
Artikel-ID: Q256036
   Titel     : OL2000: Schedule+ Calendar Does Not Open with Outlook 2000
Artikel-ID: Q256980
   Titel     : OL2000: Custom Field Does Not Display Large Amounts of Text
Artikel-ID: Q257588
   Titel     : OL2000: When You Export Calendar Information to a .pst
File the Invitation Sent Flag Is Not Saved
Artikel-ID: Q257650
   Titel     : OL2000: Memory Leak in Loop Accessing Collaboration Data Objects
Artikel-ID: Q257793
   Titel     : OL2000: An Extra Value Is Added When You Move to Another
Field in Forms
Artikel-ID: Q257913
   Titel     : OL: Outlook May Leave Messages in Your Outbox When Originally
Composed by a Delegate
Artikel-ID: Q257927
   Titel     : OL2000: The PrepareForm and ShowForm Functions Do Not Work
Artikel-ID: Q257968
   Titel     : OL2000: Meeting Requests Are Not Processed in a Timely Manner
Artikel-ID: Q258247
   Titel     : OL2000:You Cannot Get Some Recurring Appointments When You
Use the Restrict Method in Greenwich Mean Time
Artikel-ID: Q258584
   Titel     : OL2000: (IMO) Outlook Stops Responding When You Switch Between
IMAP Folders
Artikel-ID: Q258754
   Titel     : OL2000: Imported iCalendar or vCalendar Appointments Have the
Wrong Time
Artikel-ID: Q259242
   Titel     : OL2000: Attendee Names Are Corrupted When You Exceed the Available
Space in the All Attendees Box
Artikel-ID: Q260573
   Titel     : XCLN: Copy and Paste of Appointments in Outlook 2000 Can Cause
Duplicate Calendar Entries
Artikel-ID: Q261312
   Titel     : OL2000: Print Preview Does Not Display Appointments
Artikel-ID: Q262405
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Process Still Running After Clicking Exit
and Log Off When Custom Form Is Copied in Category View
Artikel-ID: Q262409
   Titel     : OL2000: "ActiveX Control is not safe" Error Message When You
Switch Between Folder Home Pages that Contains An Unsigned
ActiveX Control
Artikel-ID: Q262510
   Titel     : OL2000: Printed Calendar Does Not Include All Appointments
Artikel-ID: Q262611
   Titel     : OL2000: Password Expires with No Prompt to Change Password
Artikel-ID: Q262701
   Titel     : OL2000: Developer Information About the Outlook E-mail Security
Artikel-ID: Q262870
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding After You Install Personal
Folders File Backup Add-in
Artikel-ID: Q262922
   Titel     : OL2000: You Can View Private Appointments With Reviewer
Artikel-ID: Q263102
   Titel     : XCLN: Password Dialog Box for Domain Credentials Stops
Responding in Remote Mail Wizard
Artikel-ID: Q264389
   Titel     : OL2000: An Encryption Failure Occurs When You Upgrade from
Exchange Client 5.0 to Outlook 2000
Artikel-ID: Q264696
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Does Not Initialize the Memory for User-Defined 
Fields When the Field Is Not Displayed in the Current View
Artikel-ID: Q264997
   Titel     : OL2000: Error Message Displayed When Copying Messages in a
Conversation View for External Forms
Artikel-ID: Q265012
   Titel     : OL2000: Some Date Formats Cause Error with Specific Dates in 
Japanese Version of Outlook 2000
Artikel-ID: Q265102
   Titel     : OL2000: Public Folder Calendar Not Refreshing Time Line View
When Customized by Category
Artikel-ID: Q265150
   Titel     : OL2000: (CW) Corporate Workgroup LDAP Service Does Not Support SSL
Artikel-ID: Q265151
   Titel     : OL2000: Certificate Information from the Recipient Is Not Added
to the Contact
Artikel-ID: Q265236
   Titel     : OL2000: OST Integrity Checker Reports Mismatch Errors in Sent Items
Artikel-ID: Q265486
   Titel     : OL2000: Response Form Posts to Drafts Folder Instead of Current Folder
Artikel-ID: Q265514
   Titel     : XCLN: English Version of Fix for Outlook 2000 Store Provider
Memory Leak
Artikel-ID: Q265866
   Titel     : OL20: Fax Addresses for Your Contacts Are Not Updated Correctly
Artikel-ID: Q266165
   Titel     : OL2000: MAPI CopyFolder Presents Unicode Without Unicode Flag
Artikel-ID: Q266255
   Titel     : XCLN: Default Personal Folder File Creation Path Needs to Be
Artikel-ID: Q266335
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Body Part Handling Strips Carriage Returns Off
of Messages Incoming from AUTODIN
Artikel-ID: Q267946
   Titel     : OL2000: Unable to Set Offline Synchronization Flag by Using
Collaboration Data Objects and Outlook Object Model with
Outlook 2000
Artikel-ID: Q268324
   Titel     : XCLN: Changing Parent Distinguished Name Lists Causes Corrupted
Offline Address Books
Artikel-ID: Q268978
   Titel     : OL2000: The Outcmd.dat File Increases When You Add Custom Command Bars
Artikel-ID: Q269047
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Quits When You Access a VBA Generated Toolbar
Artikel-ID: Q269289
   Titel     : OL98: A CR/LF Character Is Added to a Message When You Save in
the Drafts Folder
Artikel-ID: Q269485
   Titel     : OL2000: Item_Write() and Dragging New Calendar Entry Causes
Outlook Shutdown Hang
Artikel-ID: Q269781
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Does Not Migrate Rules When You Upgrade
Artikel-ID: Q270045
   Titel     : OL2000: The "Retrieve Headers" Download Is Systematic for All
Artikel-ID: Q270607
   Titel     : OL2000: An Activated Embedded Java Applets Stops Outlook
Artikel-ID: Q270925
   Titel     : OL2000: Changes to the E-Mail Security Patch Do Not Apply When
Messages Are Delivered to a PST File
Artikel-ID: Q271831
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Quits When You Modify the Send Options
Artikel-ID: Q272087
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Deletes Items When You Run the Move to Folder
Artikel-ID: Q272290
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Performs Load Balancing with Global Catalog 
Artikel-ID: Q273505
   Titel     : OL2000: The Keyboard Changes to Hebrew Language When You Select
a Name in the GAL or Contact List
Artikel-ID: Q273507
   Titel     : OL2000: Some Attachments Are Not Blocked by the Outlook E-mail
Security Update
Artikel-ID: Q273830
   Titel     : OL2000: The Out of Office Message Is Sent in Shift-Jis in the
Japanese Version of Outlook
Artikel-ID: Q273938
   Titel     : OL2000: Send Options Are Not Available for Contacts
Artikel-ID: Q274120
   Titel     : OL2000: Meeting Location Does Not Display Correctly
Artikel-ID: Q274132
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Cannot Open an Item Marked Private After You
Move It to a Personal Folder
Artikel-ID: Q274259
   Titel     : OL2000: (IMO) Outlook Quits When an IMAP Server Has Identical
Folder Names in Different Cases
Artikel-ID: Q274298
   Titel     : OL2000: The End Call Button Is Not Available for Contacts
Artikel-ID: Q274778
   Titel     : OL2000: Long Name Attachment Causes Outlook to Stop Responding
Artikel-ID: Q275162
   Titel     : OL2000: The Attachment Name Is Lost When You Send Messages With
a X400 Connection
Artikel-ID: Q275462
   Titel     : Outlook Does Not Exit After You Open an Embedded Object
Artikel-ID: Q275894
   Titel     : OL2000: Messages that Are Autoforwarded from an X.400 MTA Display
As Deleted
Artikel-ID: Q275902
   Titel     : OL2000: The French Version of Outlook Does Not Display the Tasks
View Properly
Artikel-ID: Q276517
   Titel     : OL2000: Recurring Meeting Cancelled for Resource When Meeting
Organizer Cancels Single Appointment
Artikel-ID: Q277823
   Titel     : OL2000: Integrated File Management (IFM) Cause Views to Corrupt
Office Web Server:
272091 FP2000: Style Sheet Links Feature Reformats Entire Web If the Active Page Is an ASP Page

226787 PPT2000: Changing the Default Language Setting Does Not Appear to Work

Artikel-ID: D43854
   Titel     : PPT2000: Verknüpfte Bilder gehen bei Entpacken von Präsentation
Artikel-ID: Q244609
   Titel     : PPT97: Unable to Save Presentation After a Second User Opens
Same Presentation
Artikel-ID: Q257823
   Titel     : PPT2000: Cannot Ungroup Inserted Amigo 2000 Charts
Artikel-ID: Q259894
   Titel     : XCLN: Error Message Closing PowerPoint Presentation from
Public Folder
Artikel-ID: Q262966
   Titel     : PPT2000: Error Message: The Web Page You Requested Is Not
Available Offline
Artikel-ID: Q263941
   Titel     : PPT2000: Pasted Slide Does Not Apply Formatting from Notes Master
Artikel-ID: Q264727
   Titel     : PPT2000: Promote/Demote Don't Work Correctly After Pasting Bulleted
List Text Box from Slide Master
Artikel-ID: Q264926
   Titel     : PPT2000: Screen Saver Is Reset to None After You Run .PPS or
Use /s Switch
Artikel-ID: Q268447
   Titel     : PPT2000: Programs Can Be Run While You View a Web Page or HTML Message
Artikel-ID: Q270691
   Titel     : PPT2000: PowerPoint Quits Unexpectedly or Stops Responding When
You Run Slide Show
260191 OFF97: Open Polylines Are Changed to Rectangles When You Edit Picture

Artikel-ID: Q264709
   Titel     : OFF2000: Characters Are Displayed Upside Down When You Insert EMF
Artikel-ID: Q265305
   Titel     : XL2000: Workbook Corrupted If You Delete, Copy, and Save in Macro
Artikel-ID: Q265515
   Titel     : WD2000: Slovak Name for Month of March Incorrect in Some Date Formats
Artikel-ID: Q270141
   Titel     : OFF2000: Photo Editor Does Not Use Default Printer
Artikel-ID: Q271400
   Titel     : OFF2000: Buffer Overflow When You Open a Malformed HTML File
211204 WD2000: DocProperty Field Truncated After 127 Characters

Artikel-ID: Q240795
   Titel     : WD2000: Date/Time Form Fields Not Converted Correctly from Word 97
Artikel-ID: Q248640
   Titel     : WD2000: CAPS LOCK Key Stops Responding with French Keyboard
Driver Installed
Artikel-ID: Q248644
   Titel     : WD2000: "Run-Time Error 4605: This Command Is Not Available"
When You Use PageSetup Property
Artikel-ID: Q248651
   Titel     : WD2000: Table with Header Rows Appears Damaged in Multicolumn
Artikel-ID: Q249858
   Titel     : WD2000: Incorrect Bookmark Names for Form Fields in Vertical
Table Cells
Artikel-ID: Q250394
   Titel     : WD2000: Word Document in Frame in Internet Explorer Freezes
After Editing
Artikel-ID: Q253652
   Titel     : WD2000: File Size Increases When Word Document Is Embedded as
ActiveX Document
Artikel-ID: Q253970
   Titel     : WD2000: Leading Zeros Are Ignored in Number Form Field Format
Artikel-ID: Q255259
   Titel     : OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding When You Use Word as Your
E-mail Editor
Artikel-ID: Q255970
   Titel     : WD2000: Word Stops Responding When Communicating with OLE1 OCX
Through DDE to VBA Form
Artikel-ID: Q256901
   Titel     : OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Try to Print from Photo Editor
Artikel-ID: Q256903
   Titel     : WD2000: Day Name Is Incorrect in Document After You Save It As
Word 6.0/95 or HTML
Artikel-ID: Q259320
   Titel     : WD2000: Inline Graphic Images Are Lost When You Save Document as HTML
Artikel-ID: Q261158
   Titel     : WD2000: Access Violation When You Use CommandBarButtonEvents
Click Event Handler
Artikel-ID: Q262028
   Titel     : WD2000: Font Size Changes When You Open RTF File from Earlier
Word Versions
Artikel-ID: Q262633
   Titel     : OFF2000: Templates Do Not Appear in New Dialog Box
Artikel-ID: Q263521
   Titel     : WD2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Split Cells with
"Merge Cells Before Split" Turned Off
Artikel-ID: Q263686
   Titel     : WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Open or Edit a Document
That Contains a List
Artikel-ID: Q263911
   Titel     : WD2000: Table Borders Are Dropped When You Open Document Saved as .rtf
Artikel-ID: Q264705
   Titel     : WD2000: Program Error Message When You Update Table of Contents
(German Word)
Artikel-ID: Q264706
   Titel     : WD2000: Vertical Changed-Line Bars Are Printed Incorrectly After
You Revise a Table
Artikel-ID: Q265007
   Titel     : WD2000: General Protection Fault After Word Automatically
Corrects Text
Artikel-ID: Q265009
   Titel     : WD2000: Word 95 Document Is Changed to "Word Document" When
Opened in Word 2000
Artikel-ID: D44037
   Titel     : WD2000: Word 2000 SR-1: Mail-Befehl-Sicherheitsupdate verfügbar
Artikel-ID: Q265269
   Titel     : WD2000: Hyphenation Stops Working in Word 2000 for Some European
Artikel-ID: Q265319
   Titel     : WD2000: Footnote #1 Opens When You Double-Click Any Footnote in
RTF Document
Artikel-ID: Q265516
   Titel     : WD2000: Width of Table Cells Changes When You Open Word 95,
Word 97, or RTF Document
Artikel-ID: Q268073
   Titel     : WD2000: Localized Field Format Switches in Word 95 Documents
Are Incorrect in Word 2000
Artikel-ID: Q268337
   Titel     : WD2000: Syntax Error When You Update SUM Fields in Word 97 Document
Artikel-ID: Q268525
   Titel     : WD2000: Documents Deleted When Opened Read-Only in ODMA Program
Artikel-ID: Q268895
   Titel     : WD2000: Negative Number on Macro Button Is Not Aligned at Decimal Tab
Artikel-ID: D43551
   Titel     : WD2000: Während der Verwendung einer Access-Datenbankdatei sind
in Word Makros aktiviert
Artikel-ID: Q274228
   Titel     : WD2000: Macros Enabled When Word Automatically Opens ASD Files
Artikel-ID: Q279222
   Titel     : WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Use Polish Proofing Tools
Artikel-ID: Q280715
   Titel     : WD2000: Grammar Checker Suggests Incorrect Capitalization of
"Mainland" or "Republic"
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