ENT2001: Received Messages Are Randomly Truncated


When you send messages with Entourage, recipients may report that some messages appear to be interrupted in the middle of the text body. In addition to the partially received message, attachments may not be present.


This behavior occurs because the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) server used by your Internet service provider (ISP) is not compatible with the newest Internet Mail specification.


The original Request for Comment (RFC) governing the sending of messages on the Internet specified that the end of a message be designated by a period on a line by itself, followed by a Carriage Return/Line Feed (CR/LF) character.

With the advent of newer message formats that allow richer text, it is possible for an encoded line of text to wrap to a new line at the end of a sentence, thereby causing the period to be placed on a line by itself. This behavior occurs most often in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) message format.

SMTP Specifications

In Section 4.5.2 of the RFC 821, entitled Transparency, the specification requires the client to place a second period on lines that occur with a single period where additional text is present. When the receiving SMTP server encounters the double period in such cases, it removes the additional period and continues processing the message body.

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