INFO: ASP Error Codes


This article includes a list of ASP error codes that may be returned while an Active Server Pages (ASP) page is processing. This may vary depending on the version of Internet Information Services (IIS) that you use.

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ASP error codeDescription
ASP 0100Out of memory
ASP 0101Unexpected error
ASP 0102Expecting string input
ASP 0103Expecting numeric input
ASP 0104Operation not Allowed
ASP 0105Index out of range
ASP 0106Type Mismatch
ASP 0107Stack Overflow
ASP 0108Create object failed
ASP 0109Member not found
ASP 0110Unknown name
ASP 0111Unknown interface
ASP 0112Missing parameter
ASP 0113Script timed out
ASP 0114Object not free threaded
ASP 0115Unexpected error
ASP 0116Missing close of script delimiter
ASP 0117Missing close of script tag
ASP 0118Missing close of object tag
ASP 0119Missing Classid or Progid attribute
ASP 0120Invalid Runat attribute
ASP 0121Invalid Scope in object tag
ASP 0122Invalid Scope in object tag
ASP 0123Missing Id attribute
ASP 0124Missing Language attribute
ASP 0125Missing close of attribute
ASP 0126Include file not found
ASP 0127Missing close of HTML comment
ASP 0128Missing File or Virtual attribute
ASP 0129Unknown scripting language
ASP 0130Invalid File attribute
ASP 0131Disallowed Parent Path
ASP 0132Compilation Error
ASP 0133Invalid ClassID attribute
ASP 0134Invalid ProgID attribute
ASP 0135Cyclic Include
ASP 0136Invalid object instance name
ASP 0137Invalid Global Script
ASP 0138Nested Script Block
ASP 0139Nested Object
ASP 0140Page Command Out Of Order
ASP 0141Page Command Repeated
ASP 0142Thread token error
ASP 0143Invalid Application Name
ASP 0144Initialization Error
ASP 0145New Application Failed
ASP 0146New Session Failed
ASP 0147500 Server Error
ASP 0148Server Too Busy
ASP 0149Application Restarting
ASP 0150Application Directory Error
ASP 0151Change Notification Error
ASP 0152Security Error
ASP 0153Thread Error
ASP 0154Write HTTP Header Error
ASP 0155Write Page Content Error
ASP 0156Header Error
ASP 0157Buffering On
ASP 0158Missing URL
ASP 0159Buffering Off
ASP 0160Logging Failure
ASP 0161Data Type Error
ASP 0162Cannot Modify Cookie
ASP 0163Invalid Comma Use
ASP 0164Invalid TimeOut Value
ASP 0165SessionID Error
ASP 0166Uninitialized Object
ASP 0167Session Initialization Error
ASP 0168Disallowed object use
ASP 0169Missing object information
ASP 0170Delete Session Error
ASP 0171Missing Path
ASP 0172Invalid Path
ASP 0173Invalid Path Character
ASP 0174Invalid Path Character(s)
ASP 0175Disallowed Path Characters
ASP 0176Path Not Found
ASP 0177Server.CreateObject Failed
ASP 0178Server.CreateObject Access Error
ASP 0179Application Initialization Error
ASP 0180Disallowed object use
ASP 0181Invalid threading model
ASP 0182Missing object information
ASP 0183Empty Cookie Key
ASP 0184Missing Cookie Name
ASP 0185Missing Default Property
ASP 0186Error parsing certificate
ASP 0187Object addition conflict
ASP 0188Disallowed object use
ASP 0189Disallowed object use
ASP 0190Unexpected error
ASP 0191Unexpected error
ASP 0192Unexpected error
ASP 0193OnStartPage Failed
ASP 0194OnEndPage Failed
ASP 0195Invalid Server Method Call
ASP 0196Cannot launch out of process component
ASP 0197Disallowed object use
ASP 0198Server shutting down
ASP 0199Disallowed object use
ASP 0200Out of Range 'Expires' attribute
ASP 0201Invalid Default Script Language
ASP 0202Missing Code Page
ASP 0203Invalid Code Page
ASP 0204Invalid CodePage Value
ASP 0205Change Notification
ASP 0206Cannot call BinaryRead
ASP 0207Cannot use Request.Form
ASP 0208Cannot use generic Request collection
ASP 0209Illegal value for TRANSACTION property
ASP 0210Method not implemented
ASP 0211Object out of scope
ASP 0212Cannot Clear Buffer
ASP 0214Invalid Path parameter
ASP 0215Illegal value for ENABLESESSIONSTATE property
ASP 0216MSDTC Service not running
ASP 0217Invalid Scope in object tag
ASP 0218Missing LCID
ASP 0219Invalid LCID
ASP 0220Requests for GLOBAL.ASA Not Allowed
ASP 0221Invalid @ Command directive
ASP 0222Invalid TypeLib Specification
ASP 0223TypeLib Not Found
ASP 0224Cannot load TypeLib
ASP 0225Cannot wrap TypeLibs
ASP 0226Cannot modify StaticObjects
ASP 0227Server.Execute Failed
ASP 0228Server.Execute Error
ASP 0229Server.Transfer Failed
ASP 0230Server.Transfer Error
ASP 0231Server.Execute Error
ASP 0232Invalid Cookie Specification
ASP 0233Cannot load cookie script source
ASP 0234Invalid include directive
ASP 0235Server.Transfer Error
ASP 0236Invalid Cookie Specification
ASP 0237Invalid Cookie Specification
ASP 0238Missing attribute value
ASP 0239Cannot process file
ASP 0240Script Engine Exception
ASP 0241CreateObject Exception
ASP 0242Query OnStartPage Interface Exception
ASP 0243Invalid METADATA tag in Global.asa
ASP 0244Cannot Enable Session State
ASP 0245Mixed usage of Code Page values
ASP 0246Too many concurrent users. Please try again later.
ASP 0247Bad Argument to BinaryRead.
ASP 0248Script isn't transacted. This ASP file must be transacted in order to use the ObjectContext object.
ASP 0249Cannot use IStream on Request. Cannot use IStream on Request object after using Request.Form collection or Request.BinaryRead.
ASP 0250Invalid Default Code Page. The default code page specified for this application is invalid.
ASP 0251Response Buffer Limit Exceeded. Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit.


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