Folder Redirection with Mandatory Profiles


If you configure the Folder Redirection Policy setting in a Group Policy to redirect the My Documents folder, and then apply that particular policy to users with mandatory profiles, the My Documents folder of those users does not redirect to the specified target folder location.


To resolve this behavior, configure the folder redirection setting in a Group Policy, and then apply the Group Policy to the template user account that you will use to create the mandatory profile.

For example: Create a template user account in a test or temporary Organizational Unit (OU), and then create a Group Policy for that OU that will redirect. For example, set the My Document folder to a specified target path, such as \\servername\sharename\username). You can then use that template profile as a mandatory profile for the users who have the My Documents folders that you want to redirect.

More Information

When you view the UserEnv log file of a mandatory profile that you configured prior to creating the Folder Redirection policy, you see entries similar to the following:

USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:982 ProcessGPOs: Processing extension Folder Redirection
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:982 CompareGPOLists: One list is empty
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:982 ProcessGPOList: Entering for extension Folder Redirection
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:982 UserPolicyCallback: Setting status UI to Applying Folder Redirection policy...
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:992 GetHkeyCU: RegOpenKey failed with error 5
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:992 CreateEnvironmentBlock: Failed to open HKEY_CURRENT_USER, error = 5
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:992 UserPolicyCallback: Setting status UI to Applying your personal settings...
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:992 ProcessGPOList: Extension Folder Redirection returned 0xcb.
USERENV(e4.124) 15:54:13:992 ProcessGPOs: Extension Folder Redirection ProcessGroupPolicy failed, status 0xcb.
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232692 Folder Redirection Feature in Windows

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