Liste der in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 behobenen Fehler (Teil 3 von 4)

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282525 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (3 of 4)
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258100 Performance Problems May Occur If a Process Uses the Same Endpoint for Both TCP and UDP
259887 RRType HINFO or ISDN Are Not Added When You Use the Dnscmd.exe Tool
261276 Parallel Direct Cable Connection Drops Shortly After Connecting
262140 Legacy BOOTP Clients Do Not Receive Option 144 Value
262386 Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak on Master Browser
262688 Statische IP-Adresse wird bei einer unbeaufsichtigten Installation von Windows 2000 nicht beibehalten
262694 Böswilliger Benutzer kann Computersuchdienst herunterfahren
263207 QoS Program Causes 100 Percent CPU Usage
263452 Cannot Remotely Administer Network Load Balancing with Winmgmt.exe
263550 Dynamic DNS Update Option Sent to DHCP Server Even If Disabled Globally
263643 Using Virtual COM Port Dials Modem as Pulse Only
263689 Access Violation When You Run the Netdiag Utility
263823 WinSock Recvfrom() Now Returns WSAECONNRESET Instead of Blocking or Timing Out
264631 Maximum of 854 DHCP Servers in Active Directory
264716 Network Monitor Incorrectly Filters MAC Address
264794 "Stop" Error Message with Firewall or Similar Software Installed on a Windows 2000-Based Computer
264820 GetHostByName() Does Not Resolve Computer Name with an IP Address of
264953 Conforming Vendor-Specific Attribute in IAS May Prevent the IAS Service from Starting
265248 The Routing and Remote Access Service Incorrectly Logs Client Termination As an Admin Reset
265254 RPC Endpoint Mapper May Register the Same Interfaces
266221 Bugcheck 0x000000D1 Caused by Dlc.sys
266375 Network Load Balancing WMI Provider Memory Leak
267912 NetBIOS Listen Does Not Work If Calling Name Is Set to Anything Other Than "*"
268229 Deadlock When APC Routine for SetWaitableTimeruser Calls System Interfaces
268258 Host with Initial Cluster State Turned Off Stops If Any Host Parameter Is Changed
268581 Win32 LookupAccountSid() Function May Not Work in Certain Conditions
268773 NAT Does Not Properly Forward ICMP "Destination Unreachable" Packet That Is Generated on the NAT Server
269119 Logging on to a Domain Does Not Work From a Windows 2000-Based RAS Client
269188 WINS Client Workstation [00h] Entry Remains Active on WINS Server After Client Shutdown
269424 WINS Prepend1BTo1CQueries Feature Aids Load-Balancing Between Domain Controllers
269553 DHCP Server May Offer a Zero-Length Lease Time If Conflict Detection Is Activated
269822 Caller ID and Called ID Do Not Display Correctly with TAPI 3.0
269879 The Default DHCP Gateway Is Not Added to the Routing Table on a Multihomed Computer
270603 Deadlock When tdidisconnect() Is Called Recursively from Tcpclose()
270635 Post-Windows 2000 SP1 Hotfix for Network Load Balancing
270710 The Recvfrom Function Writes Incorrect Data into the Sin_Zero Field
270921 Windows 2000 Quality of Service Packet Scheduler Service Does Not Filter and Flow Forwarded Traffic
270923 Windows 2000 QoS Packet Scheduler Sends Packets with Wrong Checksum on Network Adapters That Enable Hardware Checksum
271067 Client Computer with High Connect Rate Opens Many Sockets
271178 "ITCallInfo::put_CallInfoLong" Property on a TAPI 3 Call Causes "Not Supported" Error
271180 Windows 2000-Rückruf funktioniert nicht mit PPP-Serverlösung von Drittanbieter
271355 Access Violation Occurs in mgmtapi!AllocateTle()
271384 Minimal Performance Bottleneck in TCP/IP
271708 Host May Send Packet with an Incorrect TCP Checksum
271989 Winsock2 WSADuplicateSocket() Function Does Not Work on QoS-Enabled Sockets
271990 QoS/RSVP Services May Not Function Correctly When Microsoft Proxy Is Installed
272173 The Microsoft Windows 2000 Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module Has Received the FIPS 140-1 Status
272485 NetDDE Client Is Unable to Connect to NetDDE Server on First Attempt by Using Windows 2000
272494 "Connection Refused" Message Connecting to IIS Server
272503 Addresses Added with the AddIpAddress() Function Do Not Appear in the DNS Cache
275213 User Mode Process Cancellation of NAT Redirect May Cause Memory Leaks
275552 Token Ring SRB Network May Have Slow Data-Transfer Rate
276538 Memory Leak in Winmgmt Process When Running Network Load Balancing
276575 Patch für Sicherheitsmangel bei Pufferüberlauf im Telefonbuchdienst
276987 Connections to All Hosts Are Terminated When NLB Load Weight Is Adjusted
277561 Terminal Window After Dialing Does Not Work in Terminal Services Session
277722 Memory Leak in Atmuni.sys in Windows 2000
278522 Deadlock Condition Causes Socket Programs to Become Unresponsive
278670 Network Load Balancing Hotfix Package
278718 Error Message If You Do Not Disconnect from a Phone Call Before You Restart Your Computer
278920 QoS RSVP Service May Restart Every Three Minutes After the First Problem
279096 IGMP Router Changes Negative MFEs to Active and Forwards Packets Needlessly on Same LAN Segment
279354 You Are Unable to Filter Between Two Internet Protocol Addresses in Network Monitor 2.0
282798 DLC May Send I-frames on a Disconnected Connection
289151 Error Message: Fatal System Error: 0x0000000a (0x00000050,0x00000002,0x00000001,0x8006542A)
289152 Multiple Processes Attempting to Use Same Duplicated Socket Halts Program
289153 Multihomed Computer with Onboard Network Adapter Cannot Rejoin Domain After SP1 Installation
289165 Client Retains Lower MTU on Subsequent Transmissions to Multicast Route
289167 IP Filter Driver on Multiprocessor Computer Causes Blue Screen on Windows 2000
289186 Svchost.exe Creates a Memory Leak When RNDSTRESS Test Runs on ILS Server
289189 Events 4102 and 9 Appear During WINS Replication on Windows 2000
289211 Newly Added Static Route Is Gone After Reception of ICMP Redirect Message
289229 Access Violation in Masfd.dll Results from Using Winsock Direct Path to Communicate with Storage Area Network
289232 FD_READ Event Is Not Signaled on Connected Socket If Data Arrives Right After an Accept() on SAN
289240 File Larger Than 64,512 KB Does Not Transfer Using FTP from Run Command on Start Menu
289726 Stop 0x000000D5 Error While Adding IP Addresses to NIC by Using AddIPAddress() Function
289730 Cannot Remove the SBS Modem-Sharing Component After Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0
289732 VPN That Uses MS-CHAP Authentication Does Not Connect to RRAS Server
289733 "AppleTalk Was Not Initialized on Any Adapter" Error Message After You Install Protocol
290308 TCP/IP Stack Sends an IP Header Include Packet with IPID Being Zero but Overwrites Non-Zero IPID That You Supply
290701 Heap Damage in Netdde.exe
294234 DHCP-Enabled WINS Client May Refresh Netbt Name Cache Frequently

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247289 Office IFilter Does Not Index Complex Documents Correctly
262463 Find.exe Returns Extra Lines When Piped
263221 Memory Leak in Pdh.dll Querying Performance Counters That Do Not Exist
264484 Word Tables Are Not Indexed Correctly When Adjacent Cells Contain Digits
272763 Index Server Timeout Is Not Reported When You Execute a Query over Multiple Catalogs
274190 Logon Banner Can Be Dismissed Without User Action
274853 BUG: PdhExpandWildCardPath() ANSI Version May Fail on Windows 2000
278499Update für Sicherheitsanfälligkeit im Indexdienst verfügbar
280838 Update für Dateiauflistung-Anfälligkeit in Indexdienst
282132 OFF2000: Keine Anmeldeaufforderung beim Öffnen von Webordnern
289736 HOLD Installing Multiple Catalogs That Contain the Same Hash Damages the Hash Database


162616 Extra Form Feed with Passthrough Functions to Text Only Driver
257551 GSNW/CSNW NetWare Banner Page missing Username
263995 Access Violation Viewing Brother Printer Properties in German Windows 2000
267896 Adobe Acrobat-Dokument im PDF-Format wird während einer Terminaldienstesitzung nicht ordnungsgemäß gedruckt
268589 Find Printers Dialog Box Does Not Return Correct Results
269399 Random Access Violations in Programs with Third-Party Fonts
269867 CSNW/GSNW Add Printer Wizard Does Not Display Large Number of NDS Print Queues
272493 USB WritePort Does Not Set dwDataCompleted to 0 When Allocating New Buffer If Data Size Is Variable
274524 Multiple Master Fonts Are Not Printed Remotely to PCL Printers
275495 Printer Redirection or Upgrade May Not Work Because of Signed Ntprint.inf File
289162 Print Jobs Larger Than 4 MB Do Not Print Completely
289184 Support for Autoduplexing on HP 970 Printers Not in Effect with Unidrv.dll
289194 Registry Key Does Not Correctly Handle Line Feed/Carriage Return Translation
289230 DrvQueryPerBandInfo Call by IHV Driver Does Not Succeed
289233 File Size Increases in Spooler When Printing to a PostScript Printer with Kernel and User Mode Drivers
292598 OEM Device Properties That You Set on Custom Tab of Dialog Box Are Not Saved
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