INFO: Liste der durch die Service Packs für SQL Server 7.0 behobenen Fehler

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313980 INF: List of Bugs Fixed by SQL Server 7.0 Service Packs
Dieser Artikel enthält Informationen zu den Fehlern, die durch die Service Packs für SQL Server 7.0 behoben werden. Service Packs sind kumulativ. Alle in einem Service Pack behobenen Fehler werden auch in den darauf folgenden Service Packs behoben. Beispielsweise sind in SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4) alle Updates von SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3), Service Pack 2 (SP2) und Service Pack 1 (SP1) enthalten.

Weitere Informationen zum Beziehen von Service Packs für SQL Server 7.0 finden Sie in folgendem Artikel der Microsoft Knowledge Base:
301511 INFO: So erhalten Sie das neueste Service Pack für SQL Server 7.0
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SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4

239473 Gruppierte SQL 7.0-Server und Rolling Betriebssystem
249730 FIX: SQL Server 7.0 T-SQL Scheduled Task May Take Longer to Run Than SQL Server 6.5 Task
260182 FIX: Unable to Restore to a Point in Time in First Transaction Log Backup
276281 FIX: Replication Logreader Fails with Error Message 18773
280380 Update: Mögliche Ausnutzung eines Pufferüberlaufs bei erweiterten gespeicherten Prozeduren
281843 FIX: SQLDMO GetProcessInputBuffer Returns Incorrect Result
282243 FIX: Incorrect Results with Join of Column Converted to Binary
283837 FIX: SQL Server May Generate Nested Query For Linked Server When Option Is Disabled
284351 FIX: SQL Server Profiler and SQL Server Agent Alerts May Fail to Work After Installing SQL Server 7.0 SP3
285870 FIX: Update With Self Join May Update Incorrect Number Of Rows
286788 FIX: Server Side Cursor May Return Incorrect Results
288426 FIX: Alerts Triggered Incorrectly When Security Auditing is Enabled
290629 FIX: Update Query That Uses Star Joins May Cause Access Violation
291561 FIX: Invalid Float Data May Lead to Floating Point Exception and Incorrect Stored Values
293279 FIX: Linked Server SELECT COUNT(*) Sent as SELECT COUNT((0))
293636 FIX: Invoking SQL-DMO Methods By Using "By Reference" Parameters May Cause a Memory Leak
293758 FIX: Nullability Changes Not Handled by SQL Server with Linked Server Queries to DB2
294753 FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Readme Files Do Not Document Installation Warning
295378 FIX: SQLAgent Job with Recurring Schedule is Disabled Upon Completion of the Schedule for the Day
296189 FIX: DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS Truncates Output for Fixed-Length Numeric Types
296456 FIX: Full Text Query May Return 0 Rows When Valid Results are Present
297271 FIX: Point in Time Recovery May Recover Database if the Transaction Log That is Applied Does Not Contain Any Transactions
298643 FIX: Poor Cardinality Estimate for Tables with Multiple Qualifying Histogram Values
298832 FIX: Uppercase Characters are not Sorted Before Their Corresponding Lowercase Characters When You Use the Nocasepref Sort Order
299717 UPDATE: Bei Abfragemethode für Datenzugriff werden Rechte erteilt
299950 FIX: Bad Cardinality Estimate Results in Sub Optimal Join Strategy
300258 FIX: INSERT EXEC of Extended Stored Procedure Incorrectly Inserts Empty String Instead of NULL
300519 FIX: Problems Occur When Connecting to SQL Server from ADO Application
302615 FIX: Incorrect Cardinality Estimate And Bad Plan for Query with OR and AND on Same Column
302664 FIX: Query with SET NO_BROWSETABLE Option Set ON May Generate Access Violation
302828 FIX: DTS Fails to Transfer Rows When a Non-Sysadmin User Opens Packages from T-SQL with Xp_cmdshell
303344 FIX: Exception Access Violation Encountered in CONSTANT::CONSTANT
303727 FIX: Cancelling Parallel Query May Abort Transaction
304851 Update: SQL Server-Textformatierungsfunktionen enthalten ungeprüften Puffer
307540 FIX: SQLPutData May Result in Leak of Buffer Pool Memory
307541 FIX: Error 1203 and Failed Assertion Occurs When You Run a Query with a Parallel Plan
308016 FIX: sp_configure 'network packet size' Not Functional in SQL Server 7.0 SP3 and SQL Server 2000
308114 FIX: Query with Multiple Predicates and a Star Join May Cause an Access Violation
308126 FIX: Error 2627 May Cause Sysindexes.rowcnt Field to Be Decremented
308267 BUG: DTS Copy Objects Task (DMO) Breaks Transaction Log Backup Chain By Switching Recovery Mode to Simple During Transfer
308627 FIX: DBCC SHRINKDATABASE or DBCC SHRINKFILE May Expand Database with Text or Image Data
308881 FIX: AV on DECLARE CURSOR with Correlated Subquery and KEYSET or DYNAMIC Cursor Type
310572 FIX: Cursor Type and Column Updatability May Change with Some Sort Orders
311000 FIX: ODBC Functions TIMESTAMPADD and TIMESTAMPDIFF May Cause Error 128
312537 FIX: SQL Server Stops Unexpectedly During Restore
313247 FIX: Existing Users Lose Connectivity If Error Message 17836 Occurs
313661 FIX: Error Message: "Timeout expired" Occurs When You Connect to SQL Server Over TCP/IP and the Kerberos MaxTokenSize is Greater Than 0xFFFF
314117 FIX: Prepare/Execute on Query May Cause Handled Access Violation in CSsNumeric::ConvertFromStr
314971 FIX: Backup of Multi-File Database to Striped Media May Encounter CPU Spin
315938 FIX: SELECT That References Several Tables May Return Invalid TDS Error or Cause Client Application to Stop Responding
316004 FIX: Floating Point Underflow Exception Causes Bad Cardinality Estimate
316976 FIX: Tuning Wizard May Fail When You Specify a Workload File for Non-dbo Owned Objects
317979 Ungeprüfter Puffer beim Herstellen einer Verbindung zu einer Remotedatenquelle
318053 FIX: The EXCEPTION_FLT_INVALID_OPERATION Error Occurs During a Query Compilation
318171 FIX: Binding a Variable to More Than One Output Parameter May Cause an Access Violation
318733 FIX: SQL Server May Become Unresponsive When a Large Number of Databases and Roles are Used
319357 FIX: DBCC CHECKALLOC Enhanced to Detect Allocation Inconsistencies
319507 UPDATE: SQL-Funktionen für erweiterte Prozeduren enthalten ungeprüfte Puffer
319690 FIX: Sqldiag.exe Cannot Generate the Winmsd Report on Windows 2000 for the Sqldiag.txt File
319691 FIX: Merge Subscriptions May Reinitialize Unexpectedly If Incremental Schema Change Fails
319693 FIX: A Backup Log with the NO_TRUNCATE Option May Cause an Access Violation
319694 FIX: Uppercase Characters Are Not Sorted Before Lowercase Characters with the Nocasepref Sort Order
319697 FIX: SQL Enterprise Manager Restore to Point in Time Does Not Stop at Requested Time and the Database is Left in a Loading State
319698 FIX: Transform Data Task Might Stop Responding (hang) While Importing Data From Text File
319699 FIX: @@IDENTITY Does Not Process a New Value When You Use INSERT EXEC
319701 FIX: SQL Enterprise Manager RESTORE Msdb Leaves Database in Loading State and Does Not Apply Differential or Log Backups
319704 FIX: Application Error May Occur in Index Tuning Wizard with a Query That Uses Full Text Search Functions
320068 FIX: DTC May Experience a Spinloop That Causes SQL Server to Become Unresponsive
320406 FIX: Procedure Names That Begin with "sp_" Can Fail with an Access Violation

SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3

Weitere Informationen zu den Problemen, die durch Service Pack 3 für SQL Server 7.0 behoben werden, finden Sie in folgendem Artikel der Microsoft Knowledge Base:
274797 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 Fixlist

SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2

Weitere Informationen zu den Problemen, die durch Service Pack 2 für SQL Server 7.0 behoben werden, finden Sie in folgendem Artikel der Microsoft Knowledge Base:
254369 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 Fixlist

SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1

Weitere Informationen zu den Problemen, die durch Service Pack 1 für SQL Server 7.0 behoben werden, finden Sie in folgendem Artikel der Microsoft Knowledge Base:
225019 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1 Fixlist

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