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In Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), when you use the Mid(), Right(), or Left() function, you may receive the following error message:

Run-time error '5': "Invalid procedure call or argument"


This behavior occurs when the length argument for the statement is negative.

The Mid() function returns a portion of a text string starting at a given character position. The syntax for the command is as follows

Mid(<string>, <start> [, <length>])

where <string> is the text string to search, <start> is the character position from which to start, and <length> is the number of characters to return. If no <length> argument is specified, or if there are fewer than <length> characters in the text, the function returns all the characters from the <start> position to the end of the string.


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To resolve this issue, be sure to test the length of the string, as in the following example:

Sub ErrorDoesNotOccur()

Dim Test As String
Dim ReturnText As String

' Empty string, could be passed as an empty dialog
' variable, for example.
Test = ""

' Test the length of the string to ensure
' that subtracting 1 from the length leaves
' at least 1 character.
If Len(Test) - 1 > 0 then
ReturnText = Mid(Test, Len(Test) - 1)
End If

End Sub


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