On the Microsoft Office content team, we are partnering with internal partners, vendors, and freelancers to create engaging content on,, and

This toolkit provides guidance for creating different content types for the Office family of products.

Toolbox with video, pencil, and art palette symbols

Important: All of our content is intended for a global audience and is localized into multiple languages. Follow the guidelines to ensure that content is appropriate for that global audience.

In this toolkit, you'll find instructions for the following:

  • How to use the tool used to edit content on

  • How to contribute to content on

  • Style guidelines to use when authoring content.

  • Instructions for each type of authoring task, including updating an article, reviewing for technical accuracy, comprehensive quality assurance check, contextual help experience, SEO checks etc.

  • Guidelines for producing different types of videos, art, and templates.

Tip: If you have any suggestions for improving our products, please let us know! See How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office?

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